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People are transforming their bodies and lives every day with the help of the blue fat freeze system. Here are some of our favorite stories from real people, just like you!


Mike used the blue system in an attempt to lose stomach fat he’d gained over the last few years. He used blue for 9 weeks and lost 3 1/2 inches in his waist.*He also asked us to share his original link of him starting to use blue. Here is that video:


Tom used the blue system to lose excess fat around his stomach area and had great success. We reached out to him and he was happy to have his success video on our website.


I have really enjoyed using my blue fat freeze system each day for the last few months and even had to order another blue system as my husband kept stealing it from the freezer so i couldn’t use it! I’ve seen a definite reduction in inches in my belly & sides.


At first I was hesitant to try the blue but realized I had nothing left to lose. I’ve tried working out and eating healthy but I struggle with emotional eating. I used blue for 8 weeks and lost a couple inches off my waist and thighs and I’m SO glad I did.

Get started using blue today and join thousands who’ve experienced incredible results!!

Get started using blue today and join thousands who’ve experienced incredible results!!


“You know how awful dressing room lights are? You work out hard, eat clean, stay as hydrated as possible and yet when you get under those dressing room lights you see the dimples on your backside! That was my motivation for trying Blue Fat Freeze system and I couldn’t be happier with my results!”


“Over the years I have tried every fad out there and nothing worked. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying BLUE, but I actually had a LOT to lose, all my stubborn fat!! This is the beginning of the new me after only 15 days of using BLUE!! I am 62 and never imagined having the body I did at 25, but I will, soon! My ONLY regret is that I only bought the torso system and not the full body system, it works better that I could have ever imagined! BLUE has changed my life and I thank you every day!!”

Karalee Tiller, Amarillo Texas *

“I was so skeptical to buy the Blue Fat Freeze system, but I have to say it was one of my best investments! I have lost 1 and 1/2 inches off my waist in only 4 weeks!!! It’s unbelievable! I am a mom of three boys and my health has not been the best per say, but mixing my Blue Fat Freeze with exercise and a mild good diet has given me phenomenal results!! I have encouraged so many of my friends and family to use it. The best part about it is that the Fat freeze is yours to keep once you buy it! You don’t have to pay an ungodly amount to go get cool sculpting treatment when you slack on your health! You just pull the Fat Freeze out of your closet, Freeze the pack, and start losing inches again! I love it and am so impressed!! Thanks Blue Fat Freeze for being an honest and revolutionizing company 😍😍😍”

Gary V, Farmington, NM *

“I purchased the Blue Fat Freeze system in November 2017.  I wanted to use the system more than the usual 1 hour per day so I purchased 3 extra freeze packs.  I began by using the waist belt for 2 hours each day.  It took about 8 weeks for me to start seeing results.  The results were striking.  I had always wanted to get rid of the love handles around my waist and the belly fat in front.  Fat freezing procedures in clinics seemed very expensive.  I found the Blue Fat Freeze system on line and thought it to be worth the try.  I’m glad I did.  Now my wife is using it and she is already seeing results.  If you stay true to the system as recommended you will see results too.  I’m very happy with the customer service too.  They were very helpful.”

Kimberly Vandertje *

“The Blue Fat Freeze System is awesome! It’s so convenient and I love that I can use the Blue Fat Freeze system anytime I want…even when sleeping. Every night I use all three of my blue packs around the torso when I go to bed. I encourage anyone to definitely get the Full Blue Kit for the torso/arms/legs. The arms and legs need the smaller wrap. Definitely purchase the extra blue packs when it’s offered. I’m very sorry that I didn’t. I have ordered three extra packs so I am always ready.

I worked on my midsection with all three packs, and already after about 2-3 weeks I can see my stomach going down and my love handles are smaller. I’ve been seriously using it for about 2-3 weeks. I wish I had pictures, but it truly is working and the fat is coming right off.

Oh yes, I LOVE that I can target certain areas. I really can’t say enough about the blue fat freeze system.”


“I love my blue fat freeze system! I was meeting my two sisters and brother in laws for a semi-family vacation so I started using my system right when it arrived. By the time our gathering happened about 10 weeks from when I started I could tell my stomach was tighter and my love handles seemed to have shrunk.”


“My order arrived pretty quickly and with hopeful doubt, I used the tape measure to document my thighs (24.5 inches). I used the blue system almost every weekday (on days my boyfriend wouldn’t see it, so I didn’t have to explain what I assumed would be a failure).
I am pregnant and didn’t know if the system would have negative effects on my little one so I ignored the abs for now, besides, it was my thighs that had become the bane of my existence, the inner in particular. I began using my system March 3rd and I waited until the end of April to measure my progress. 23.5 inches! In almost 2 months I had lost an inch in my thighs! I couldn’t believe it was possible.”

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The blue Fat Freeze System is the easiest and most convenient way to shed fat from those stubborn and hard to shape areas. That is why it’s the most popular and effective fat freezing method on the market to date. Change your life now by joining the countless others from around the world who have already saved thousands by going the blue way.

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*Each person is unique and while we are confident you will see results with proper use, we do not guarantee these specific results as they may vary from person to person. Results can vary based on several factors including starting point, your goals, and the frequency of use. Exercise and a healthy diet are important to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and muscle definition. The testimonials featured may have used multiple blue products and/or extended the number of uses to achieve their maximum results.